Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Terms of the Day for November 11

  • Protest Art – a broad term that refers to creative works that concern or are produced by activists and social movements.
  • AfriCOBRA – (African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists) a collective of African American artists in Chicago that specifically took on the goal of creating a new revolutionary black aesthetic. 
  • Exploitation Film –  an informal label which may be applied to any film which is generally considered to be both low budget and of low moral or artistic merit, and therefore apparently attempting to gain financial success by "exploiting" a current trend or a niche genre or a base desire for lurid subject matter.
  • Blaxploitation Film –  a film genre which emerged in the United States in the 1970s aimed at an urban black audience.  These films were often low-budget, had majority African American casts, and used funk music and urban slang of the time.  They were often criticized for perpetuating stereotypes.

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