Monday, September 14, 2015

Study Guide for Quiz #1

Below are 9 images from which I will choose the five slides for the quiz:

Funerary Pot
Van Chiang, Thailand
c. 300 BC-200 BC 

 Ceremonial Tampan
19th century

 Tau-Tau Figure
Unknown Torajan Carver

  Padung Padung Ear Pendants
Nothern Sumatra
c. 19th-Early 20th Century

 Hinggi (man's shawl) With Crayfish and ‘Coat of Arms' Design
East Sumba
c. 1970

 Dancer From Tra Kieu
10th Century

Candi Jawa
East Java
13th Century 

Central Java
9th Century

The Shwezigon
Pagan, Burma
Completed in 1102

Below are the four essay questions from which I will choose the one on the quiz:
  1. Define symmetry and explain how the importance of symmetry in Southeast Asia can be seen in examples of art we have discussed in class.
  2. What is Mt. Meru?  Give some examples of how the influence of Mt. Meru can be seen in the architecture of Southeast Asia.
  3. Define stupa and explain how the stupa form was transformed in maritime Southeast Asia, citing specific examples.
  4. What were the two prominent architectural components of the Buddhist temple developed in the Ayutthaya kingdom and what was the purpose of each?

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